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“Independence Museum-100” s/sheet presented

azermarka 1229

On December 25, the Independence Museum of Azerbaijan has hosted an exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the great thinker Ahmad Bey Agaoglu. Within the framework of the event, presentation ceremony of postage stamps prepared by “Azermarka” LLC was held on the 100th anniversary of the Museum of Independence established during the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

The issuance is made in the form of a block of 3 stamps. Exhibits of the Independence Museum were used in the design of the stamps. On the first stamp was depicted the original manuscript of the Declaration of Independence of Azerbaijan, on the second stamp – a sketch of the emblem made during the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR), and on the third stamp – 50 and 100 manat-banknotes which were in circulation during the period of ADR.

At the ceremony, Director of Azermarka LLC Leyla Gulaliyeva presented the First Day Cover to Deputy Minister of Culture Sevda Mammadaliyeva and Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Erkan Ozoral.

Then S. Mammadaliyeva and E. Ozoral stamped the envelopes with a special commemorative postmark and signed. Thus, the postage stamps entitled “Azerbaijan Independence Museum-100” put into circulation.