Azermarka Limited Liability Company, operating under the Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies of the Republic of Azerbaijan was established as Azermarka Company by the order № 104 of July 14, 1992 of the Ministry of Communications on the basis of the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated February 14, 1992, No. 85 “On the issuance of postage stamps”. The Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan registered Azermarka LLC on November 4, 2014, as a result of the transformation of Azermarka Company.

Key activity of Azermarka LLC includes issuing and circulation of State Postal Payment Stamps (SPPS) – postage stamps, stamped envelopes, postcards. Moreover, the Company produces souvenir and small sheets, booklets, postmarks and other products believed to be objects of philatelists' collection. Also, postcards, various souvenirs, etc. are included in the line of issued goods.

The history of postage stamps of the independent Republic of Azerbaijan starts from the year 1919. In June of the same year, the ADR government decided to issue postage stamps, and the first postage stamps were issued on October 20. From 1920 to 1923, postage stamps of the Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic and from 1923 to 1992, postage stamps of the USSR were used in the territory of Azerbaijan.

On the products of Azermarka LLC are depicted Azerbaijan's rich history and culture, cultural and historical heritage of the peoples living in the country, life of prominent figures, important domestic and global events, colorful flora and fauna of our country. Special focus is put on the artistic design of products, as well as the application of new technologies in the field of printing.

Azermarka LLC is an active participant of local and foreign exhibitions. Such events bear exceptional importance in terms of exchange of experience, as well as promotion of Azerbaijani brands, promotion of country in the world.

One of the key activities of the Company is development of Azerbaijani philately and its adaptation to modern requirements. In this regard, there is close cooperation between the Company and Azerbaijan Philatelic Society.