100th anniversary of State Border Service of the Republic of Azerbaijan

Date of issue: 20.08.2019
Catalog No: 1553-1555
Denomination: 9.00 M
Souvenir/small sheet size: 115x135 mm
Stamp size: 56x34 mm
Circulation: 10 300 sheets
Perforation: round hole, 13:13¼
Artist: Vugar Eyyubov
Printed by Cartor Security Printing CSP, France

Souvenir sheet of 3 (1x3) stamps.

1553. 3 manat. The stamp depicts a jubilee me­dal issued in honor of the 100th Anniversary of the SBS of the AR.

1554. 3 manat. The stamp depicts the badges of the Academy and the Specialized School of the SBS of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

1555. 3 manat. The stamp depicts an Azerbaijani border guard with a weapon on his shoulder and looking through binoculars. The binocular lenses are coated with a special material that imitates the effect of the lens.